Photo of Rosy Simas in Transfuse by  Carina Lofgren courtesy of the Walker Art Center, 2018.

Photo of Rosy Simas in Transfuse by Carina Lofgrencourtesy of the Walker Art Center, 2018.

Transfuse: a breathing, contemplation, clearing, a transition...

Transfuse is the title of several performances by choreographer Rosy Simas and composer François Richomme created in between their larger projects.

Transfuse for May 3rd, 2018 at the Walker Art Center

Is informed by the intersection of Simas’ recent journeys to the Deep South (where she was born) and ideas, images and sounds from her “home.” Simas’ home is a place she doesn’t live, the land of her family and people, the Onödowága (Great Hill People) or Seneca, in western New York.

Simas asks that as you participate in transfuse that you consider the space as a place of intention and attention. Stay for as short or as long as you like during the hour long performance. She asks that you participate by engaging in the action of listening – to your body, to your senses, to the sound, images and movement in the space. You are welcome to sit or stand and watch, close your eyes, or be somewhere in-between.

Nya:weh Sgeno.