Within Our Skin (2015,2016)

Created for students at St. Paul Conservatory for the Arts, Northwestern University and the University of Minnesota, Within Our Skin, was a side project of Simas’ larger project, Skin(s).

“Skin(s) explores what we hold, reveal and share through our skin. It is performed by three to fourteen exquisite sensing beings. That is what makes this dance a dance. I have just been their guide. I build the frame, the container… they are the sweetness, the energy, the ones that draw us in and make us love the world of the senses.”- Simas

“I am Native, I am Seneca, I am also a dancemaker. This is what makes my work Native. This is what makes my dance about Native identity. Because just simply being a Native dancemaker is political. It is my continual embodied political act of creating more visibility of Native people. My Skin(s) dance is a multi-dimensional moving image. It is ever evolving and will shift and change in each location it travels to: Duluth, Berkeley, Oakland, Chicago, Evanston, Riverside. It will accumulate stories and emotions. It will carry those into each new iteration of the work. Skin(s) right now is a dance of sensing… sensing the visible and invisible. It is a dance literally informed by skin, what we hold in our skin, what we reveal, what we sense and how it carries us through the world.”- Simas



Northwestern University

University of Minnesota -

Images of Northwestern University students in Within Our Skin. Photos by Justin Barbin