Weave (2018)

Weave is a dance project drawn from the interwoven and interdependent nature of our world. In Weave, individual and embodied stories are the vibrant threads that mesh in a performance woven of story, dance, moving image, and quadrophonic sound.
Visit Weave website: rosysimasweave.com

Skin(s) (2016)

Skin(s) is a dance, a film and an exhibit. 
Skin(s), the dance, explores what we hold, reveal and share through our skin.

Within our skin

Transfuse (2016, 2018)

a breathing, contemplation, clearing, a transition...

We Wait In The darkness (2014)

We Wait In The Darkness is an art/dance work to heal the DNA scars of Simas’ grandmother, her mother, and our ancestors.

Within in an environment of images and sounds from Seneca lands, this new dance work engages past and future, DNA memory, and invisible presences, to create a personal artwork about loss, family, perseverance, and home.

“Recorded sounds blow out of their original proportion – digitally made both larger and smaller than they were once. I am immersed in the sounds of water. As I listen, dancers before me are co-creating Weave for Rosy Simas Danse. I imagine my own body in motion, in the pleasure of expression, exploring the sound Rosy choreographs with, a composition of heavy vibration.”
— Heid E. Erdrich on Weave

1991 to 2013

  • Threshold, 2013

  • Blood lines, 2013

  • I took my lucky break and I broke it in two, 2013

  • i want it to be raining and the window to be open, 2012

  • Listen, a solo for Jim Liberthal, 2012

  • Alice, 2012

  • It’s Strange To Be Here, The Mystery Never Leaves You, 2010

  • Winter/Hiver, 2009

  • Will We Make Mud, a collaboration with Jon Davis, 2007

  • Have Gun Will Shoot, a collaboration with Patrick Maun, 2006 & 2007

  • Bonding and Defending, 2005

  • If Andy Warhol Were My Dad: 20 Scenes of Generation X., a collaboration with Patrick Maun, 2004



  • Spirit of the Dead Watching, 2003

  • Where Are We Going, 2003

  • Sympathetic Vibrations, 2001

  • Residue, a collaboration with Baraka de Soleil, 2001

  • Moments In Between, 2001

  • Memory Dances, 2000

  • Roads, 1998

  • Pebble In The Sea, a play by Marcie Rendon, 1995

  • Big Arms a collaboration with Savage Aural Hotbed, 1992

  • Corpora Experimenti a collaboration with Savage Aural Hotbed, 1991

Banner image of Rosy Simas in rehearsal for Weave McKnight Fellowships/MANCC Residency, 2018.
(photo by Imranda Ward. image by Rosy Simas)